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our motto to you

"When I started 9 Months Javanese, I wasn’t thinking about business plans, spread sheets or future employees. I was focused on providing and helping new mom to be, with the hopes that I could earn an income doing something I loved. "


“Yet, as the years passed, I began to understand that my life’s success was based on a simple formula consisting of specific philosophies and skills and that gave me an enormous sense of inner peace and confidence.”


“As my own self awareness grew, I developed the desire to share and care. I was inspired to show others how to replicate my results.  Once I began caring about others, I could feel myself evolving even more. In fact, with each new chapter of my devotion has come a proportionate shift and expansion in my heart, mind and spirit. This personal and professional growth continues today.”

"so verily, with every difficulty, there is relief. in addition, our certified  therapist have a high level of training that ensures you receive beneficial treatments and every treatment will centre on your needs"     

Pre & Post Natal Javanese Massage Treatment Is A Wonderful Way Of Preparing A Woman Before Childbirth and After Childbirth. Founder Of 9 Months Javanese, Mother Of 6 With Wide Knowledge In Pre & Post Natal Massage Believe Your Body Deserve More.

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